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Da Grasshopper Lies Heavy (Two Word Secret)

An OperaticIcaro for the Global Sustainability Memeplex

décorationgoogle echange de liencitations


The Recipe

  • Read and/or re-read Valis by Phillip K. Dick
  • Go to the links below, and begin rewriting the text as you like. This is pure resonant improv, Peacefeather style. Don't worry if you don't like your changes, we can always change them back. In fact, don't worry about anything! It shall be wikidelic!
  • Read all of the links, help revise until an uncanny structure emerges and Da Grasshopper Emerges from the ooze...
  • Drop "tags" on each link to orient how you want to play each section, e.g. "schlow pandemonium", "sonic whirlpool", "the smell of George Clinton's finger", etc. These will serve as memory devices for a basic framework in which each section will be played. The recipe, of course, can also be revised.


The Performance

I am thinking that each act will begin with a reading of each section by a different member of the audience, with the music beginning about halfway through the text and going on for some set period of time - perhaps ten minutes. No doubt another way of weaving the words and the jamming together will emerge as well. Let's do this and create yet another negentropic vortex in Happy Valley and across Gaia! Visuals, of course, must be dropped into the mix.


Intro - Grasshopper Club Zürich\">Slip and Touch the Face of God



Holomovement one - ValisPhoneCall


Holomovement Two - OrderingSwill


Holomovement Three - TwoWordSecret


Holomovement Four - MicrowaveTransmissions


Holomovement Five - OnBeyondZebra


Outro - KingFelix, Food King (Two-Word Secret)


GrasshopperExegesis Sources


casino espanol


Sword Sets


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